Lorenzo Bergamini

Working experiences

  • 2nd year at Bocconi September 2018
    New academic year, new challenges!
    I am looking forward to learn more about economics and management and to improve and expand my knowledge. This year will be taught completely in English... Awesome!
  • Internship ended September 2018
    The internship at Italfrigo s.r.l. has been a good experience. I learned a lot about digital marketing (how to set up campaigns, how to analyze data, how to drive traffic to a web site, how to brand a product, ecc.).
    Overall, I am pretty happy about the experience.
  • Internship @ Italfrigo June 2018
    Italfrigo s.r.l. gave me the opportunity to work for them in the digital marketing division.
    This is my first experience with a company of this type and I'm looking forward to learn as much as I can. In return I will try to give my best
  • 1st year at Bocconi June 2018
    The first year at Bocconi University ended with good results.
  • FoodRacers Jenuary 2018
    My experience with FoodRacers ends here. From now on I will focus on my academic journey.
  • Bocconi University September 2017
    Finally, the time is here. I can't wait to discover all about the economics field.
  • Amazon September 2017
    Today it is my last day working for Amazon.
  • FoodRacers June 2017
    I'm starting to work for FoodRacers as a delivery guys. For some time I will do double duty.
  • Result: ADMITTED March 2017
    The results of the admission test are out. I am going to study at Bocconi University
  • Amazon December 2016
    Since I decided to resume my studies I will start to work for Amazon as a warehouseman. My parents are ready make sacrifice for me, but I do not want them to do it.
    I will do what I must do to reach my goals.
  • UnipolSai August 2016
    I am now selling financial and insurance products.
  • Insurance course December 2015
    500 hours of training to learn about credits, financial products and insurance. After the course, UnipolSai will employee some of us to start a new career.
  • Graduation July 2015
    After five years I can finally say that I am a software developer. I would like to continue my studies, but I don't know if I want to stay on this path or if I want to move to another field.
  • Stage: developer June 2014
    For 6 weeks I will work for a software company. They use VB.Net and they are developing an email management software. II know that this will be a wonderfull experience.
  • ISII G. Marconi June 2014
    Today I start my journey in the software developing world. I LOVE programming, I am loking forward to all the lessons.