Lorenzo Bergamini

Academic performances

Cumulative GPA:

1st YEAR

Economia aziendale

30 cum laude

This is an introductory course to the broad field of economics and management applied to all classes of social institutions [...]. The course deals especially with the economics and management of firms; the basic concepts and theories of modern management are presented and discussed.

MAtematica (generale)


The purpose of this course is to teach the student the basic notions of calculus and linear algebra together with the basic techniques and applications that accompany them.

Economia (micro)


The Microeconomics course introduces the main issues of individual economic behaviour with a reference to consumers and firms, and the analysis of competitive and non-competitive markets. The course provides also the background to understand the aggregate models of the whole economy.

Diritto (privato)


The course aims at sketching the basic features of private law in the Western legal tradition, moving from its general concepts and, afterwards, mapping national legal orders

Computer science


The objective is to provide students with the skills, immediately usable in their studies and fundamental to enter the job market, to collect, process, analyze data and effectively communicate information in order to solve business and managerial problems and support decision-making processes.

Economia (macro)


The course provides students with the knowledge needed to understand the functioning of the economy as a whole, and investigates the level and rate of change of the determinants of important aggregate variables, such as the gross domestic product, the price level, the unemployment rate, the rate of interest and the exchange rate.

Matematica (applicata)


The main purpose of this course is to complete the mathematical education acquired previously. New tools are provided, whose use is widespread both in Economics and in Management Science, such as integral and probability calculus. The second purpose of the course is to introduce financial calculus and its most relevant applications in practice. The first part of the course is relevant for future applications, while the second one has an immediate professional value.


30 cum laude

The course deals with the following subjects: brands and branding, organization, change, advertising, cultures, employment, ethics, leadership, innovation, competition.

2nd YEAR